Trump rally gets heated

Through a hail of unscholarly applause at a recent trump rally came a faint cry, "you're a bigot!" Almost instinctively and without missing a beat trump replied "I'm not a bigot, you're a bigot"

The wordsmith continued, claiming that although human he was made of a rubbery substance and insightfully recognized the heckler as being made from a glue-like sappy material. 

He then communicated how all the heckles coming toward him would bounce off him, go back to the sappy troublemaker and...stick. 

 “Your mouth is glue! Your body is glue! You breathe glue!” continued the elastic leader in a seemingly never ending adhesion rant.

A DuPont representative who had wandered into the rally chimed in, “I know Elastomers, I work with Elastomers, you sir are no Elastomer!”

But with every name-calling accusation trump fired back with the ever insightful ricochet question- “I know you are but what am I? ”

Wise words indeed. Perhaps all of us should ponder such questions.

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