We will never stop laughing at these.
Source: PlayBuzz.com

1. Our favorite odd couple are moving out.

2. Yep. They have to go.

3. Welp...

4. On their way, Biden is going to get a little petty, though.

5. Or a lot petty.

6. So, so petty.

7. Because Biden doesn't play.

8. Petty in a the most bromantic way possible.

9. Because they can't hide it.

10. The love.

The love.

11. We're going to miss them so much.

12. Stay loose, apple juices.

13. And not just because Biden needs two ice creams because he has two hands...

14. Because yeah, we tried. This really isn't as fun.

15. We can always dream, though.

We can always dream, though.

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